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econmy_medium1Sick and tired of all that bad economic news that just keeps rolling in 24/7? You can now wear that sentiment on your sleeve — well — your wrist — with the eco-friendly  “I’m Tired of The Economy” bracelet. The bracelet is made from recycled tires and metal.  Cost: $10.

But the makers of the “I’m Tired of …” line, Santa Monica siblings Dan Hoffman and Carrie Pollare, will give you $5 back as your own little economic stimulus rebate. (And you didn’t have to wait for Congress!) They suggest consumers buy a cup of coffee or a sandwich with the money.

Typically, the company creates bracelets to “fight against the world’s issues that we are all tired of, like animal cruelty, world hunger, global warming, cancer, diabetes, and so many more,” according to their news release. Half of the sale ($5) from each bracelet is donated to charities whose cause the company supports. (The rest goes to handle their costs, such as shipping.)

“With all the talk about the economy, we couldn’t resist,” says Hoffman in the release. “The US economy stinks and it’s all we’re hearing about.”

How many of the “I’m Tired of the Economy” bracelets have they sold? “Not that many yet,” Hoffman wrote in an email. “Maybe a few hundred. It just launched, but we’re getting a good response.”

Hoffman said the company has even sent a bracelet to President Obama because they imagine he’s already pretty sick of the economy, too. Any response? So far, no.  “He’ll probably get back to us shortly,” Hoffman joked in his email.

For more info on the bracelets CLICK HERE.

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