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Sometimes complex information is easier to understand when it’s laid out for you in a cool, graphic style.

I’ve run across 3 pretty cool infographics recently that describe what you need to know about three important topics:

How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge (from CreditDonkey)

529 Plans: The Antidote to College Sticker Shock (from Mint)

Education Earnings: Economic Boon or Bubble? (from CreditDonkey, again; probably should have been titled “Is a college education worthwhile?”)

It’s worth spending time with each of these graphics–you’ll emerge smarter for the experience. The only caveat I’d add is about Mint’s effort: it’s not just the cost of college that will give you sticker shock. The amounts you’re supposed to save to cover 100% of the bill are pretty gargantuan, even if you start with a newborn and aim only to pay for public college (over $600 a month). So remember that you don’t have to try to save for the whole cost and that anything you do save will help reduce your child’s future debt.

Okay, now for the weird graphic…it’s a J.P. Morgan graphic explaining the European crisis using Lego figures. (Clicking on the link that says “Via Reuters” will download the full graphic, complete with explanations, since the legend provided isn’t really detailed enough to figure out what’s going on.) I’m not sure it’s possible to create a graphic that would explain this particular crisis simply, but this one sure isn’t it.

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Thanks for pointing out the Lego EU infographic.

I love Legos and had a riot seeing which lego JP decided to use to depict/stereotype each stakeholder. Italian race car drivers, French painters and EC stormtroopers. We’re just missing the pirate pieces…

PS: That sure is one sophisticated 9 year old.